Solar Motion Light (ESL-32 )

Solar wall light is constructed from ABS + PC, and quality manufacturing materials

Solar Motion Light (ESL-32 )

  • Mã SP:ESL-32
  • Tình trạng đơn hàng:có sẵn ít, vui lòng liên hệ
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

The separate solar panel/Light converts sunlight into energy which is stored within the Li-ion rechargeable battery. Two Lighting modes with motion sensor, Mode 1: 20 lumens dim lighting, Mode 2: bright lighting 400 lumens for 30 seconds when people move through the light. The solar Motion light is perfect for residential and commercial use for any application where a Solar Motion Light is required to brighten any area, operates for up to 3 days from a 11 hour charge by bright sunlight. Can be installed easily with 2 screws and requires no electrical license.


ESL 32 
400 Lumens 
Li-ion battery
Polycrystalline Silicon
11 hours By Bright Sunlight. 
3 Nights
20 lumens dim lighting,Bright light 400 lumens with Motion sensor 30 seconds when people move through the light.Pure white and warm light.
IP 65
-25°c to 65°c
Wall, step, road, garden, street, pathway etc


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